Our Sponsors

'And the days are not full enough
And the nights are not full enough
And life slips by like a field mouse
      Not shaking the grass '
Erza Pound
The creation of ROAM 639 was made possible with the support of the National Trust, Action Duchenne and the Richard Overall Trust together with the goodwill of friends, family and like minded.
I believe that collectively we have shaken the grass (heather, ferns and branches) and created something special, a force for good.

The help provided included the donation of time and expertise from individuals and companies and financial support through crowd funding. Thank you to everyone who helped an idea become a reality. This includes*:

  • David Boyce
  • Terry Bryne
  • Andy Collings
  • Ali How
  • Greta Jenkins
  • Toby Leyland
  • Mr & Mrs B.E. Mayhew
  • Graham Robson
  • James Simpkin
  • Andy Pond
  • Drew & Debbie Stanley
  • Manuela Maxwell
And our Corporate Sponsors

* some backers have chose to remain anonymous

To close I have quoted a short poem by Sri Chinmoy which captures my hopes in respect of a cure for muscular dystrophy.
Knows no fear.
Hope dares to blossom
Even inside the abysmal abyss.
Hope secretly feeds
And strengthens
- Sri Chinmoy
Thank you,